Matsui Hits 15 Day DL, Yanks Call Up Thompson

For only the second time of his career, Hidek Matsui will be back on the DL for his second straight season after straining his left hamstring April 7th versus the Baltimore Orioles.

Matsui Back on the DL

The Yanks are calling up 27 year old outfielder Kevin Thompson and plan to have Johnny Damon ready for the upcoming series against the Twins.

All Praise to Cashman that he didn’t trade Melky Cabrera to the Pirates for RP Mike Gonzalez. Look, our outfield is in need of Cabrera, our bullpen is superb, and Cashman is proving to us again that he really knows what hes doing.

Yankees Current OF:

LF- Cabrera CF- Damon RF- Abreu Backup- Thompson

Ahhh man, if the Yanks could bring back Bernie…


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