200 for No. 20

Last night, Yankees veteran catcher, Jorge Posada, hit his 200th homerun.

Posada hitting number 200

Now that I think about it, 200 is a lot of homeruns and I was pretty suprised Jorge reached that milestone. But then again, Posada is easy to forget when you have a line-up with players like Giambi, A-Rod, Matsui, and Jeter.

Paul O’Niell last night commented during the game saying how Posada is a very under-rated hitter and I will have to agree. As a catcher, specially during the first weeks of the season, it is very hard to focus on hitting. Most catchers are too worried about their pitchers and how to call an effective game. Posada however has been able to both produce as a defensive catcher and one of the games top hitting catchers. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at Red Sox captain Jason Varitek, he used to be a pretty good hitter but lately I think I can produce better at bats then him.

Another thing to remember, Jorge Posada bats sixth in the Yankees order, thats the equivalent to clean-up on the D-Rays. So obv Posada can hit. At 200 career home runs he’s only 52 behind his manager, Joe Torre.


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