New Kid on the Block has the Wright Stuff

Just came up with that title in French class, no big deal.

Jeter congratulating Chase Wright

Anyway, last night, SP Chase Wright made his MLB debut vs the Indians as the Yankees won, 10-3

After lots of speculation on Joe Torre’s desicion on whether or not to bring up the 24 year old lefty, the Yankees were able to witness first hand in his abilities.

Wright started off a bit shakey, which is totally understandable for a 24 year old making his pro debut in Yankees stadium while having the eyes of Joe Torre, Ron Guidry, Alex Rodriguez and countless Yankees fans watching and judging. However after settling down, Wright was able to pitch pretty well. His final line:

5 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 3BB, 3 K

It seemed like during the first several innings, Wright’s worst innings, he was rushing his pitches and just too caught up in the atmosphere to really be able to focus. However, after the Yankees offense produced a solid 8 runs the pressure died down and Wright was able to throw strikes, letting his defense take care of the rest.

I was pleasantly suprised with his performance and I think that with some more development and confidence he can become a nice lefty starting pitcher for the Yankees in years to come.

He showed a nice little curveball and even though he doesnt throw too hard he still has time to improve on his velocity and power.

All in all, I liked what I saw, and as a Yankees fan you really cant expect much more from a 24 year old AA call-up. Now, if Wright is able to pitch just as well to the Red Sox, in Boston, then we know the Yankees may have something very promising in Chase Wright.


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