A-Rod?? More Like, A+Rod

Another Yankees loss last night, but I still can not believe my eyes when I watch Alex Rodriguez….

A-Rod Rounding the bases

Going 4 for 5 with 2, yes another TWO home runs, A-Rod now leads the league in:
Average (.400)
Home runs (14)
RBI (34)

Read that again….

Average (.400)
Home runs (14)
RBI (34)

the dude is batting .400!! He has 30 hits…9 singles, 7 doubles, and 14 home runs…A-Rod is on pace for 126 home runs and 306 runs batted in.

Now, not to get too negative, I know it’s April, but if you want to look at numbers in an “on pace” mind-set..the Yankees are on pace for 90 losses..great, an amazing season by A-Rod only means an awful season for the Yankees..remind anyone of A-Rod Texas Ranger?

Where is the logic to this!?!?

Regardless, I’m loving the production and suddenly watching A-Rod at bat seems more like a primetime event rather than a part of the Yankees game. This guy is putting on some show…

Not only did Rodriguez hit 2 home runs, but he broke an MLB record, again, becoming the fastet player ever to hit 14 home runs; only taking A-Rod 18 games! Never in my life have I seen something like this, and even in the heart of Red Sox nation I see Sox fans stop what they are doing in order to catch a glimspe of A-Rod….When Sox fans stop watching a Red Sox game in order to watch a Yankee at bat then you know something amazing is going on..

Tyler Kepner of the NY Times has a crazy blog describing A-Rods achievements this month, including his 23 game hit streak dating back to last season..

Some people believe that A-Rod’s hot start may be due to his work with new Yankees hitting coach, Kevin Long, who helped bring a new swing and approach at the plate for A-Rod.

Last season A-Rod had one of his worst years, working with Yankees great, hitting coach, Don Mattingly. I would think that having Don Mattingly correcting flaws in your swing would produce an even better hitter, but apparently not.

This season A-Rod is having the best start ever, and the Yankees hitting coach is a guy who only managed to only hit 17 homeruns in his entire Minor League Career. Not to mention Kevin Long is in his first year as an MLB coach, so naturally, one would be a little skeptical on Long’s credentials. Well, not anymore.

Yanks get rid of old hitting coach Don Mattingly, one of the best hitters of his time, and hire an unkown minor league hitting coach and suddenly, we have the 2007 A-Rod…Go Figure


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