This Week’s Pitching Story….The Arrival of Wang & Hughes

We can all agree that this season has been a pitching nightmare for the Yankees, if its not unproductive outings its injuries, if its not injuries its blown saves…However, this week, both Chien-Ming Wang and Phil Hughes are making their first starts of the season…

Another piss poor start for the Yanks

I dont know how much longer this awful pitching can continue..Igawa has been garbage, Pavano and Mussina are hurt, ,Wright just got chased out of town after 4 consecutive solo shots in Boston, Karstens and Rasner….well, its Karstens and Rasner, need I say more? Proctor is “a gamble” as he is begining to remind me of Tanyon Sturtze, Kyle Farnsworth is basically worthless since Torre never uses him, Vizcaino, Bruney, and Myers are overworked and their outings are showing it, and Rivera is yet to record a save!

What is going on???

Thank God that tonight, Wang will be returning, hopefully in form of his 2006 self, because the Yankees are really getting desperate for a starting pitcher… I bet nothing would excite Torre and the rest of the Yanks than a complete game from Wang tonight, but 7 innings is just as good.

And now, on April 24th, Torre is turning to Hughes to start on Thursday after all off-season the Yanks said they rather not even call Hughes up the whole season! Let the Phill Hughes debate begin…

That’s how desperate the team is. The Yanks have ran out of options and hopefully Hughes can come in and pitch some good games. Otherwise, man… otherwise, I have no clue what the Yanks will do next… the only thing that is making me think positive for the Yanks pitching staff is banking on a return of Roger Clemens…


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