What is 27 in 07?

Whats going on.. My name is Marko Nichols-Marcy and I was born and raised in New York as a big Yankees fan. As of now go to school in Boston at Emmanuel College, majoring in Communications-Journalism. Being stuck out in Boston has its ups and downs, I was here when the Sox finally won a World Series and I was here when the Yanks swept the Sox in 5 games last season, so I’ve seen a lot of emotion to say the least. Always open to comments and ideas so feel free…..

This website is all about the 2007 New York Yankees. Having 26 World Series Championships already, in 2007 the New York Yankees will be going for number 27, making this years motto “27 in 07”. I will be writing up my opinions, game recaps, and news on the Yankees all season long, so if your in search of some biast but educated opinions on the Yanks, i recommend you check out this site.


One response to “What is 27 in 07?

  1. Mark Baard

    Cool dude! Good luck!

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