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A-Rod?? More Like, A+Rod

Another Yankees loss last night, but I still can not believe my eyes when I watch Alex Rodriguez….

A-Rod Rounding the bases

Going 4 for 5 with 2, yes another TWO home runs, A-Rod now leads the league in:
Average (.400)
Home runs (14)
RBI (34)

Read that again….

Average (.400)
Home runs (14)
RBI (34)

the dude is batting .400!! He has 30 hits…9 singles, 7 doubles, and 14 home runs…A-Rod is on pace for 126 home runs and 306 runs batted in.

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A-Rod, a “True Yankee” at Last?

Last night, Alex Rogriguez homered for his third straight game, putting his season total to 5; tops in the MLB.

A-Rod after his 5th homerun in the sixth inning off Sidney Ponson

A-Rod’s homer made him the first player ever in team history to hit 5 homeruns in the first six games.

Most homeruns in Yankees history through the first six games:

2007 Alex Rogriguez 5
1961 Mickey Mantle 4
1957 Moose Skowron 4
1956 Mickey Mantle 4
1932 Babe Ruth 4

Six games into A-Rod’s 4th season with the Yankees, I think its safe to say A-rod has finally earned his stripes.

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A-Rod: “It’s something about New York, that I love it here”

After A-Rod’s game winning grand slam the world got to see perhaps the happiest man on the face of the earth.

Team mates celebrate A-Rod's game winning grand slam

So happy that after the game A-Rod said “It’s something about New York, that I love it here.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, now playing for the Yankees, number 13, Alex Rogriguez, number 13.

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Money It’s Gotta be the Socks!!

A-Rod Post Game Winning Grand Slam

This season, unlike last, A-Rod has been something of a savior to the Yankees offense leaving many amazed by his stats this season:


AVG .381 | HR 4 | RBI 11 | OBP .458 | SLG 1.095

At this same time in 2006:

AVG .250 | HR 1| RBI 5 | OBP .348 | SLG .400

My explanation? Take a look at his high socks…It’s gotta be the socks!

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