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This Week’s Pitching Story….The Arrival of Wang & Hughes

We can all agree that this season has been a pitching nightmare for the Yankees, if its not unproductive outings its injuries, if its not injuries its blown saves…However, this week, both Chien-Ming Wang and Phil Hughes are making their first starts of the season…

Another piss poor start for the Yanks

I dont know how much longer this awful pitching can continue..Igawa has been garbage, Pavano and Mussina are hurt, ,Wright just got chased out of town after 4 consecutive solo shots in Boston, Karstens and Rasner….well, its Karstens and Rasner, need I say more? Proctor is “a gamble” as he is begining to remind me of Tanyon Sturtze, Kyle Farnsworth is basically worthless since Torre never uses him, Vizcaino, Bruney, and Myers are overworked and their outings are showing it, and Rivera is yet to record a save!

What is going on??? Continue reading


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New Kid on the Block has the Wright Stuff

Just came up with that title in French class, no big deal.

Jeter congratulating Chase Wright

Anyway, last night, SP Chase Wright made his MLB debut vs the Indians as the Yankees won, 10-3

After lots of speculation on Joe Torre’s desicion on whether or not to bring up the 24 year old lefty, the Yankees were able to witness first hand in his abilities.

Wright started off a bit shakey, which is totally understandable for a 24 year old making his pro debut in Yankees stadium while having the eyes of Joe Torre, Ron Guidry, Alex Rodriguez and countless Yankees fans watching and judging. However after settling down, Wright was able to pitch pretty well. His final line:

5 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 3BB, 3 K

It seemed like during the first several innings, Wright’s worst innings, he was rushing his pitches and just too caught up in the atmosphere to really be able to focus. However, after the Yankees offense produced a solid 8 runs the pressure died down and Wright was able to throw strikes, letting his defense take care of the rest.

I was pleasantly suprised with his performance and I think that with some more development and confidence he can become a nice lefty starting pitcher for the Yankees in years to come.

He showed a nice little curveball and even though he doesnt throw too hard he still has time to improve on his velocity and power.

All in all, I liked what I saw, and as a Yankees fan you really cant expect much more from a 24 year old AA call-up. Now, if Wright is able to pitch just as well to the Red Sox, in Boston, then we know the Yankees may have something very promising in Chase Wright.

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Bruney is Ballin’

Brian Bruney is pitching like a champ these days. At 25 years old, Bruney is a rare breed of pitcher who many teams are lacking. This intimidating 95 mph fastball pitcher is making a name for himself this season out of the Yankees bullpen and his numbers tell the story….

Bruney after striking out Travis Buck for the final out April 13th...

In 7 innings pitched this season, Bruney has a deeeece 11 K’s and only 1 earned run…. I know its early into the season but this guy is pretty impressive. I can only hope he keeps it up and someday make his way as set up man or even closer when Rivera retires.

It’ releaving to have someone like Bruney in the Bullpen…he’s young, throws heat, and strikes out batters like its no big deal. Hopefully he keeps it up.

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Disabled Arms

Great news From NY as the Yankees have placed both Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano on the disabled list to join fellow starters, Chien-Ming Wang and Jeff Karstens.

Yankees Vet Mike Mussina Joining Teamates on the DL

Missing so many starters for the next following weeks is really going to test the Yankees pitching staff, and the young prospects who are about to be called upon.

With so many injuries to the pitching staff here is who the Yankees will be starting the next following games:

TuesdayChase WrightJust called up from AA Trenton, his pitching has been pretty impressive from what I’ve heard but who knows.

Wednesday – Kei Igawa – He’s been shakey at best…

Thursday – Darrell Rasner – Solid outing last game vs. Oakland going 5.1 scoreless innings…

Friday – Andy Pettite (@ Boston) – Yankees most reliable pitcher so far, hopefully he has a solid game on Friday in the first Yankees/Red Sox battle of 2007.

So, I mean, I can sit here and tell you the Pitching situation could be a lot worse, but I’ll tell you another thing it could be a lot better…

The more and more I read other blogs the more I see how upset some people are the Yanks called up Chase Wright, I think the intention was not to rush up Hughes, who hasnt even been pitching up to par in AAA ball this season.

This next week should be real interesting…

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Pav Finally Gets the Job Done

In the warm confines of the 72 degree Metrodome, five games into the season, the 2007 Yankees starting pitching finally heated up.

Yankees Starter Carl Pavano

For the first time since May 22nd, 2005, starting pitcher, Carl Pavano regestered a win as the Yankees smacked the Twins 8-2.

“Some days it feels like yesterday, and some days it feels like a lifetime,” Pavano said. “I’m glad to have all that behind me and move forward.”

Not only did Pavano get the win, but he pitched like the pitcher the Yankees envisioned when they signed him to a $40 million deal back in 2004. Allowing two runs, six hits, and no walks, Pavano lasted until the 7th inning giving the Yankees bullpen some much needed rest.

In Pavano’s brief Yankees career, up to last nights victory, Pav had only pitched 7 innings five times in eighteen starts, making last nights victory a great performance to build on. It’s quite clear that last night was a big night not only for Pavano, but for the entire Yankees starting staff as Pav set the bar for Yankees starter expectations.

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Thank God for Relief Pitching

Too Familiar of a sight already for the 2007 Yanks

Yankees starting pitching is really suffering hardcore these days but thank God for that bullpen…

Take a look at these numbers through 5 games:

Yankees Starters:

  • 21 2/3 Innings
  • 36 Hits
  • 24 Earned Runs
  • 9.97 ERA
  • 13 Walks
  • 12 K’s

Yankees Relief Pitching:

  • 23 1/3 Innings
  • 11 Hits
  • 3 Earned Runs
  • 1.16 ERA
  • 10 Walks
  • 16 K’s

It’s a good thing the bullpen has been so stellar otherwise the Yankees would be in dead last place. Currently, Yankees pitching is tied for 9th with the Chicago White Sox in the AL with an ERA of 5.50

Right now the team desperatley needs to find a solution to the starting pitching because as Joe Torre said after Sunday’s game, “We need the starters to give us six innings. We know we are a better team than we’ve shown.”

Already the bullpen is being overworked and its only April 8th. Because of so much relief appearance, Starting Pitcher, Andy Pettite had to pitch in relief for only the second time since 1998. Pettite, who volunteered to pitch in relief for Sunday’s game after throwing only 83 pitches 2 days earlier vs Tampa Bay, struck out 1, walked 1, as he pitched a hitless 6th inning.

How about this game plan?

Make Yankees starters last up to the 4th inning and then on off days have the starters join the bullpen so the team has a wide variety of alternate pitchers to relieve the relief pitchers who will pitch the majority of the game anyway!

I mean, the Astros pitched a no-hitter to the Yankees back on July 11th, 2003, using 6 different relief pitchers, the concept must work right?

Maybe for short-term…. But for the long term? Doubt it kid.

Look at that Yankees bullpen era, it’s a 1.16 in 23 1/3 innings. Just imagine if it was May 1st and the Yankees Bullpen had the same numbers?

That would mean the Yankees had some deece starters. And with some average to above average starting pitching on this team I bet the 07 Yanks could even compete with the 98 Yanks record of 125 wins.

And lets not forget, the 98 Yanks starting the season 1-4 with similar pitching problems.

Final thought:

Hurry up Phil Hughes and come back Clemens, please save this pitching staff….

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Tough Start for Igawa

“Please don’t compare me to Matsuzaka,” said Igawa after the game through an interpreter,”but as a Japanese, I have to do my job.”Igawa Walking Back to the Dugout After a Poor 2nd Inning

Well my friend, I dont think anyone will try to make that comparison anytime soon.

Kei Igawa didn’t have a pretty debut for the Yankees but luckly A-Rod showed up to play, hitting a grand slam in the 9th inning to win the game for the Yankes 7-6.

Igawa’s Line: 5 innings, 8 hits, 7 runs, and an ERA of 12.60

Well at least he’s consistent with the rest of the Yankees starting pitching…

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